Windy morning on Lake Superior

It had rained hard during the night and started clearing around sunrise. The breaking clouds were beautiful blues, grays, and soft orange tones as they swiftly blew in off of Lake Superior. White caps on the choppy waves could be seen far out onto the lake and as they rushed ashore. Grand Marias’s north light station is on the horizon. With this image, I wanted to capture the vastness of the view I had, of the broad expanse of the lake and big sky.

Lake Superior, Grand Marais, MI
September 29, 2018
Nikon D90

Poitou donkeys

Poitou donkeys

These two were curious as I approached to take their picture.  First, as I walked up to the fence to get close-up shots, then later as I drove slowly by, stopped as I saw them atop the hill looking down.  The flock of birds (Starlings?) had good timing as they flew through the frame of several shots, this one being my favorite.

October 12, 2015          Ann Arbor, MI          Nikon D90