At Phoenix Lake

At Phoenix Lake

One of my favorite spots, tucked down just off a park entrance.  A little ice still on the surface that you can see on the left, a slight high cloud cover that diffused the sunlight nicely.  This is a 15 second exposure that smoothed the calm water even more and with no breeze the trees and brush were quiet.

January 30, 2016         Hines Park, Plymouth, MI           Nikon D90


Corner of Farmington and Grand River

Corner of Farmington and Grand River

A very comfortable evening in September, I went to downtown Farmington to take some time exposure pictures of the traffic and night life.  The open air dining in front of one of the local restaurants made a nice focal point of activity as a few cars passed by.

September 25, 2015          Farmington, MI          Nikon D90


Trickles on the Cut River

Trickles on the Cut River

The smallest streams of water, trickling through the sand and grass, some glistens of sunlight and stones shallow beneath caught my eye.  This is a short exposure but just long enough to soften the splashes and stretch the water some.  I composed the shot to share the image between the course splashes on the left and the smooth transparency on the right.  I like finding little treasures like this.

October 9, 20156          Cut River, Upper Peninsula, MI          Nikon D90

Miners Falls

Miners Falls
A beautiful and secluded area, at least on this drizzly autumn day.  It was the last stop on my venture into the Munising area and as the afternoon was getting darker.  A little more than a mile walk along the trail through the woods, I was amazed at the height of these falls tucked deep among the thick forest and ample decking and steps too enable visitors a great view.  This was a 15 second exposure . 

October 8, 20156          Munising, MI          Nikon D90