Face off

This raccoon was enjoying the bird seed I put out and wandered a little across the deck rail.  Eli and Macy saw the raccoon and the raccoon saw them, but seemed to realize the window provided a safety shield between them so didn’t care much.  Nonetheless, it was an exciting few moments for my dogs who then ran out through the doggy door.  The raccoon scampered down the railing and under the deck before Eli and Macy reached it.

Backyard, Livonia, MI
May 8, 2018
Apple iPhone 6s



At Heritage Park in Taylor, MI, the Little Wedding Chapel stands bright on this warm sunny afternoon.  I noticed two vapor trails crossing and moved to see if I could get the crossing of the trails to cross with the tip of the steeple.  I didn’t have to walk far to catch this.

June 11, 2016          Heritage Park, Taylor, MI         Nikon D90