Foliage along the falls

Foliage along the falls

A beautiful drive along Stevens Canyon Road in Mt. Rainier National Park with many places to stop and enjoy streams, waterfalls, and views of Mt. Rainier.  Just minutes past the Stevens Canyon entrance is a small bridge from which a small waterfall can be seen splashing down the rocks amid the lush forest.  We stopped for the photo opp, and upon standing on the bridge to take some photos I quickly realized the better view would be from below the bridge.  Carefully stepping down the slick wet rocks I setup as close to the stream as I could and enjoyed the view.

July 8, 2016          Mt. Rainier National Park          Nikon D90

A waterfall on Falls Creek

A waterfall on Falls Creek

So much beautiful forest at the base of Mt. Rainier.  Creeks and rivers abound, and waterfalls cascade over mossy rocks, darkened by the wet and making the lush foliage brighter and greener.  The roads wind and switch-back, but no rus, just pull the car to the side of the road, get out, and take in the beauty.

July 8, 2016          Mt Rainier National Park          Nikon D90

Shore of Lake Huron (6)

Shore of Lake Huron (6)
One of my favorite places in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, looking south onto Lake Huron and Albany Bay, just off highway 134.  It’s peaceful, beautiful blue water, interesting rocks, Martin Reef Lighthouse on the horizon.

October 7, 2015          Albany Bay, Michigan          Nikon D90

Little River by The Sinks

Little River by The Sinks

A cozy part of the Little Rive before it reaches The Sinks waterfall just yards ahead.  This 13 second exposure gives the rushing water a silky look amidst the large jagged rocks that line the river.

April 26, 2015.     
The Sinks, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90