Quiet bench by the river (2)

I enjoyed this quiet bend in the Huron River.  It was a very cold afternoon, light snow flurries gently drifting down, quiet.  The bench looked like a nice place to relax on a warmer day, though I thought about sitting for a few minutes but I was already too cold.  The tones and texture of the film gave this image just the right feel for me.

Fuller Park, Ann Arbor, MI
February 17, 2018
Minolta X700



Winter storm approaching Detroit

Detroit is a wonderful place.  A city that is going through some re-growth challenges with success and seeing a sincere light ahead.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a winter storm approaching or the opinion of the unaware and inexperienced outsiders, Detroit is strong and maintains its beauty… in the face of everything coming its way and the challenges already undertaken.  This is just a simple photo that, I feel, captures the strength of the city and its solidarity brought together by its people.

November 19, 2016       A view of Detroit from Belle Isle, MI          Nikon D90



Wading in the stream at the edge of the algae, this great blue heron kept its eyes locked on whatever had caught its attention, its refection peaking from under the algae.

May 22, 2016          Sterling State Park, MI          Nikon D90

Little River by The Sinks

Little River by The Sinks

A cozy part of the Little Rive before it reaches The Sinks waterfall just yards ahead.  This 13 second exposure gives the rushing water a silky look amidst the large jagged rocks that line the river.

April 26, 2015.     
The Sinks, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90