Watching the wonder of the waning sunset

The sun’s glow became orange as the sun set deeper and the sky grew darker.  Soft rays reached out, stars came out, and the grassy dune in front of me was now a silhouette.  I noticed someone else taking pictures of the sunset, appearing very small in the distance at the peak of the dune.  The scale of the other photographer in relation to the expanse of the scene tells a wonderful story about  man’s place in our small corner of the universe.

Grand Marais, MI
September 30, 2017
Nikon D90


Purple and green

Looking straight down on this flower, the rays of pedals radiating from the large center remind me of the sun.  Newer pedals in the center have yet to unfold.  I noticed how soft the color on the pedals appear, as if each one was painted with a soft brush, the purple pulled from the center outward on the upper tiers and outlining the greener pedals.

June 13, 2015.     Clinton, MI     Nikon D90