Euphorbia colors

At the Matthieu Botanical Conservatory, I saw this wonderful pattern of soft white with lavender lacing on a ridge of a Euphorbia plant.  The small heads protruding along the ridge remind me of snails peaking out.

January 28, 2017
Matthieu Botanical Gardens Conservatory, Ann Arbor, MI
Nikon D90

Four gulls on the breakwall

Four gulls on the breakwall

After stopping at Lake Muskallonge then driving west along Lake Superior I headed for Grand Marais.  I’d never been there before but found it a nice town and very comfortable.  After lunch and some good beer at the Dunes Saloon Lake Superior Brewing Co. I headed for the very edge of town toward the breakwall and Lake Superior to see what photo opps lie ahead.  Great waves on Lake Superior, but these gulls didn’t seem to care.  They relaxed atop the breakwall as waves repeatedly splashed along.  The colorful tones of the water and rigid line of the wall made a fun composition.

October 24, 2016          Grand Marais, MI          Nikon D90

Patterns in an icicle (1)


Icicles have beautiful patterns and textures.  Just look closely at the surface and deeply into it.  Sunlight, the blueness of the sky, and shadows come through here.  The photo is a broad field of patterns, lights, and subtle colors converging to a darker region.

March 7, 2015.  Livonia, MI     Nikon D90