Watching the wonder of the waning sunset

The sun’s glow became orange as the sun set deeper and the sky grew darker.  Soft rays reached out, stars came out, and the grassy dune in front of me was now a silhouette.  I noticed someone else taking pictures of the sunset, appearing very small in the distance at the peak of the dune.  The scale of the other photographer in relation to the expanse of the scene tells a wonderful story about  man’s place in our small corner of the universe.

Grand Marais, MI
September 30, 2017
Nikon D90


Fall leaves

Fall leaves

Taking a walk in Sterling State Park looking for birds and other interesting things I came across these leaves that had fallen on the walkway in their fall colors.  They became a graphic pattern as well as a golden ruddy set of evenly spaced leaves on the asphalt surface.  The give and take of the leaf faces and backings make a nice color dull color dull… pattern.

October 16, 2016          Sterling State Park, MI          Nikon D90

A corner of the cube

A corner of the cube

This piece by Tony Rosenthal called The Cube “Endeavor” is on the campus of the University of Michigan.  The light rain all morning kept the Cube shiny with rain drops, some of its corners taking an orangy-red patina, the reflection on the top facet bluish gray and the downward sides fading as they worked their way closer to the ground.   See more at U of M’s site for its public art.

September 17, 2016         University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI          Nikon D90