Laker on the horizon

Laker on the horizon

Jill, Karen, and I stopped to visit McGulpin Point lighthouse but it wasn’t open for visitors until the following week.  So we walked the short distance along the path through the woods to the water.  Lake Michigan’s northeastern most tip makes up this part of the Mackinac Straits.  On the horizon I saw a laker making its way, seemingly so slowly, along the top of the water while whitecapped waves washed upon the shore toward us.

May 15, 2016          McGulpin Lighthouse, MI          Nikon D90

Sunset from Hessel Marina

Sunset from Hessel Marina
Sunset from Hessel Marina

There’s something special about sunset from the Hessel Marina.  You need to go… see it, feel it for yourself.

October 9, 2015          Hessel, MI          Nikon D90

Saint Vital Bay (2)

Saint Vital Bay (2)

A new favorite spot up north along the Lake Huron shoreline.  Secluded and quiet.  This sapling pine tree growing in the beach sand, eventually to do its part to extend the pine forest closer to the water’s edge.  For now, basking in the fall sun to store strength ahead of the pending winter.

October 9, 2015          Upper Peninsula, MI          Nikon D90