Rain coming

Starting our walk in Kensington Metropark, we noticed the sky darkening to the west along with a small thinning area in the clouds that gave a soft glow near the horizon. Waves and banding in the clouds made for wonderful textures. The darkening sky reflected on the small lake and I remembered there was rain in the forecast. We continued our walk, albeit shortened.

May 20, 2017
Maybury State Park, Northville MI
Nikon D90

Foggy duck morning (2)

Heavy rains flood the low-lying portion of my backyard, essentially turning it into a pond.  The ducks and geese love it.  Thick fog over the flooded yard on this early Tuesday morning created a wonderful, quiet, ethereal feeling that I tried to capture along with the delighted ducks.

Backyard, Livonia, MI
February 20, 2018
Nikon D90




Irish green under gray

Our family trip to Ireland and Scotland was a lot of fun and a wonderful time.  After two days of adventures in Dublin we drove to Kilkenny to enjoy the town and castle for two days.  On our drive back to Dublin, we took back roads and on N81 came upon River Liffey.  The clouds and their reflection on the water were gray, the grass on the hillside was lush, and where sunlight shone through it lit up the green hillside beautifully.

April 4, 2017
River Liffey, just north of Poulaphouca, Ireland
Nikon CoolPix P330

Quiet evening

Quiet evening

The lake was quiet, just some small ripples.  This 13 second exposure smoothed them even further.  Goose’s dock is in progress.  All is calm on this Friday evening, barely a sound but a distant fishing boat heading out from the marina.

May 13, 2016          Hessel, MI          Nikon D90


Before the sunrise (2)

Before the sunrise (2)

Looking at the dawn across the beach and pier I liked the soft glow of the lamps on the beach and walkway in the foreground, giving way to the darkness that’s out of reach, the green bench highlighted in seclusion under the lamp on the pier, then the beautiful colors in the pre-sunrise sky.  The clouds added texture and a bit of drama to the sky as they reach across my view.

February 21, 2016          Luna Pier, MI          Nikon D90

Before the sunrise (1)

Before the sunrise (1)

One of my favorite spots for sunrises is Luna Pier, on Lake Erie close to the Ohio border.  They recently added this mock lighthouse that enhances the quaint Michigan feel to the already nicely kept pier and beach.  I came out expecting to catch some good sunrise color and cloud textures (from looking at Weather.com the night before) and was not disappointed.  As soon as I parked my Jeep I took the opportunity to catch this view of the lighthouse with the dawn’s early glow behind it.

February 21, 2016          Luna Pier, MI          Nikon D90


At Phoenix Lake

At Phoenix Lake

One of my favorite spots, tucked down just off a park entrance.  A little ice still on the surface that you can see on the left, a slight high cloud cover that diffused the sunlight nicely.  This is a 15 second exposure that smoothed the calm water even more and with no breeze the trees and brush were quiet.

January 30, 2016         Hines Park, Plymouth, MI           Nikon D90


Saint Vital Bay (2)

Saint Vital Bay (2)

A new favorite spot up north along the Lake Huron shoreline.  Secluded and quiet.  This sapling pine tree growing in the beach sand, eventually to do its part to extend the pine forest closer to the water’s edge.  For now, basking in the fall sun to store strength ahead of the pending winter.

October 9, 2015          Upper Peninsula, MI          Nikon D90

Shore of Lake Huron (6)

Shore of Lake Huron (6)
One of my favorite places in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, looking south onto Lake Huron and Albany Bay, just off highway 134.  It’s peaceful, beautiful blue water, interesting rocks, Martin Reef Lighthouse on the horizon.

October 7, 2015          Albany Bay, Michigan          Nikon D90