In the glow of a yellow bulb

In the glow of a yellow bulb

The porch light at the Hessel house has been burning gold for as long as I can remember.  It’s warm, homey; like Mom and Dad had it for years.  The house is basically empty now, even when I’m there.  Quiet, solitude, friendly, neighborly.  Lots of nice memories.

October 9, 2015          Hessel, MI          Nikon D90

Alex and Danielle at the Fort Worth Zoo


After the wedding ceremony, we all went to enjoy the Fort Worth Zoo.  Here, Alex and Danielle lead the way as we strolled.  It was a perfectly beautiful sunny afternoon.  Not the typical wedding reception or afterglow party, and that made it all the more special because we all were part of something Alex and Danielle enjoy doing.  It was their day, indeed!

October 3, 2015          Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth, TX           Nikon D90


I have no title for this picture, as I have not been able to caption yet the joy and the relationship between my son, Alex, and new daughter-in-law, Danielle.  The fun they had during their wedding ceremony is a window, albeit small, into the depth of their happiness and love for each other.

October 3, 2015          Fort Worth Japanese Garden, Fort Worth, TX           Nikon D90