Fall leaves

Fall leaves

Taking a walk in Sterling State Park looking for birds and other interesting things I came across these leaves that had fallen on the walkway in their fall colors.  They became a graphic pattern as well as a golden ruddy set of evenly spaced leaves on the asphalt surface.  The give and take of the leaf faces and backings make a nice color dull color dull… pattern.

October 16, 2016          Sterling State Park, MI          Nikon D90

In the glow of a yellow bulb

In the glow of a yellow bulb

The porch light at the Hessel house has been burning gold for as long as I can remember.  It’s warm, homey; like Mom and Dad had it for years.  The house is basically empty now, even when I’m there.  Quiet, solitude, friendly, neighborly.  Lots of nice memories.

October 9, 2015          Hessel, MI          Nikon D90