Still life with an old pedal

Just having some fun at my desk when I set down my reading glasses and happened to see focused through the lens a flower pedal I had saved.  I positioned the pedal on a cedar block, set my glasses where I liked the image, and took a few shots.  Angles, curves, and framing of the pedal and glasses were the basis for my selection of the shot I liked most.  You don’t have to go far to happen upon a photo opp.

April 28, 2017
Sunroom, Livonia, MI
Nikon D90

The water mill

The water mill

An old water mill aside the pond in Heritage Park.  I like its simple architecture and blue color, and framed it with the contrasting greens of the trees and grass in the foreground.

June 11, 2016          Heritage Park, Taylor, MI          Nikon D90