Water in the deep woods

This is a pond, or possibly a lot of standing water after the heavy rains we had recently.  But I think it’s a pond higher than usual from the rains.  Regardless, the water was very calm this afternoon and the greens, shadows, and clean reflections caught my attention.  I chose an angle in which the nearer branches and leaves framed my image and set the exposure to be slightly longer to accentuate peacefulness.

May 7, 2017
Maybury State Park, Northville MI
Nikon D90

A bench in the woods

Taking a walk along the trail that circles the pond at Maybury State Park, I came across a bench set just off the trail and among the trees.  It looks like a nice place to take in the beautiful park, gather your thoughts, have a quiet conversation, or simply listen to nature.  With the afternoon sun getting lower, I liked how the two parallel tree shadows reach out to hold the bench.

February 19, 2017
Maybury State Park, Northville, MI
Nikon D90


A waterfall on Falls Creek

A waterfall on Falls Creek

So much beautiful forest at the base of Mt. Rainier.  Creeks and rivers abound, and waterfalls cascade over mossy rocks, darkened by the wet and making the lush foliage brighter and greener.  The roads wind and switch-back, but no rus, just pull the car to the side of the road, get out, and take in the beauty.

July 8, 2016          Mt Rainier National Park          Nikon D90



Driving through wooded areas and open fields east northeast of Gaylord where elk herds are known to be, this tunnel into the trees caught my eye.  The late morning sun on the autumn green leaves and deep shadows gave beautiful depth to the scene.

October 10, 2015          Pigeon River County State Forest Area, MI          Nikon D90

On an afternoon walk

On an afternoon walk

Driving back to the house along M134 I came upon the John Arthur Woollam Preserve.  I never realized it was there.  I pulled in and parked, studied the map of the Preserve and its walking trails that lead to Lake Huron, and decided to do some exploring.  I had the entire place to myself.  With the October afternoon sun lower in the sky, it glistened between the trees, through the leaves, and the shadows were longer.  And it was very quiet.  Walking the trail toward the lake, I enjoyed the blue sky and fall clouds that appeared through a clearing of trees that made a nice frame with the trail leading off into the trees further ahead.

October 9, 2015          East of Cedarville, MI          Nikon D90

Miners Falls

Miners Falls
A beautiful and secluded area, at least on this drizzly autumn day.  It was the last stop on my venture into the Munising area and as the afternoon was getting darker.  A little more than a mile walk along the trail through the woods, I was amazed at the height of these falls tucked deep among the thick forest and ample decking and steps too enable visitors a great view.  This was a 15 second exposure . 

October 8, 20156          Munising, MI          Nikon D90


As the fog thins (2)

As the fog thins (2)

When we first got to this opening in Cades Cove, the fog was thick and we could barely see even an trace of the trees at the other end.  But seemingly in the next few minutes the fog began to thin out.  Gradually, the subtle colors, pastels, of the morning began to appear.  This picture captured the essence of what I saw and felt as the scene unfolded, the fog receding.  Not a necessarily “popular” image on the mainstream photo sites, but it’s one of my favorites.  Which, really, is what is more important to me.

April 26, 2015.  Cades Cove, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90

Horses in the foggy pasture (2)

Horses in the foggy pasture (2)

In the morning fog, all was very quiet in this Cades Cove pasture except the occasional turkey gobble.  The horses further out being a bit hard, the trees even further almost invisible and all part of the mystic feel of the scene.

April 26, 2015.  Cades Cove, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90

Horses in the foggy pasture (1)

Horses in the foggy pasture (1)

Early morning in Cades Cove, our last photo venture before driving home, we finally got the fog we wanted the entire trip.  The horses were out in the pasture, some like this one along the fence.

April 26, 2015.  Cades Cove, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90