A view from Nisqually Vista

A view from Nisqually Vista

Great view of Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier from the Vista just a short walk from the Paradise Area Visitor Center.  I liked how the image seems to have three parts that make up this view:  the mountain top with bright snow and blue sky, a closer and lower ledge of the mountain covered in shaded snow, then the falls and streams leading down to the glacier framed by the pine trees.

July 8, 2016          Mt. Rainier National Park          Nikon D90

Miners Falls

Miners Falls
A beautiful and secluded area, at least on this drizzly autumn day.  It was the last stop on my venture into the Munising area and as the afternoon was getting darker.  A little more than a mile walk along the trail through the woods, I was amazed at the height of these falls tucked deep among the thick forest and ample decking and steps too enable visitors a great view.  This was a 15 second exposure . 

October 8, 20156          Munising, MI          Nikon D90


Stream in the green

Stream in the green

This cascading stream through the woods of the Smokies was one of my favorite spots.  So quiet like the other areas we stopped at, I could stayed for hours enjoying the solitude and finding small treasures to photograph.

April 23, 2015.  Tremont Road, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90