The cows made me smile

The cows made me smile

Leaving Sault Ste. Marie, I drove down the eastern coast of the UP because I hadn’t experienced it before.  Beautiful homes, beautiful views of the straits and Lake Nicolet until I reached a point where the roads forced me to head inward.  I happened upon a field at 15 Mile and Riverside where the cows were relaxing in the mid-afternoon grass.  I stopped to take their picture.  And something about the scene and their attitude and how the black one watched my every move and almost seemed to be posing.  It made me smile.

October 23, 2016          Barbeau, MI          Nikon D90

Outside Big D’s Diner

Outside Big D's Diner

On the way to visit my Mom and Dad at the cemetery, I stopped for breakfast in Pickford.  Good omelet, hash browns, and coffee… stop in if you’re ever in Pickford.  This dog was wondering about the field behind Big D’s having a good time.

October 23, 2016          Pickford, MI          Nikon D90

Fall leaves

Fall leaves

Taking a walk in Sterling State Park looking for birds and other interesting things I came across these leaves that had fallen on the walkway in their fall colors.  They became a graphic pattern as well as a golden ruddy set of evenly spaced leaves on the asphalt surface.  The give and take of the leaf faces and backings make a nice color dull color dull… pattern.

October 16, 2016          Sterling State Park, MI          Nikon D90

Red and blue

Red and blue

I got into my blue Jeep on a drizzly Sunday and noticed the Japanese maple leaves that had fallen onto the hood.  The stark colorful contrast of the red leaves, brighter now from being wet, on the glistening blue of the Jeep hood caught, my attention.  I went back into the house to get my camera and took several shots.  This one is of a leaf that came to rest at the edge of the hood, its reflection creating a whole leaf, and I composed the image so the black distance and blue hood made equal halves.

November 8, 2015          Livonia, MI          Nikon D90


Cascading water along Tremont Rd (2)

Cascading water along Tremont Rd (2)

Tremont Road has many beautiful scenic treasures that can be seen and photographed from the road edge.  Moss covered rocks were bright green in the morning sunlight as this little cascade fell quickly down the rocks toward the stream.

April 23, 2015.  Tremont Road, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90