Morning fog in the yard

I like the peaceful glow of the morning fog.  I took this picture with a film camera to capture the deeper part of my yard fading from view with the softer image quality attributed from film images.  The distant glow is framed by the subtle tones of the trees and grass closer to me, and Hugo sticking his head through the deck spindles.

Backyard, Livonia, MI
September 16, 2017
Yashika Electro 35

Outside Big D’s Diner

Outside Big D's Diner

On the way to visit my Mom and Dad at the cemetery, I stopped for breakfast in Pickford.  Good omelet, hash browns, and coffee… stop in if you’re ever in Pickford.  This dog was wondering about the field behind Big D’s having a good time.

October 23, 2016          Pickford, MI          Nikon D90

Evening relaxation

Evening relaxation

A quiet summer evening at home in my chair, Macy asleep on my legs.  While relaxing there I tried some indoor pictures with a Praktiflex IV film camera.  I like the serene light and softness the film gives this scene.

June 24, 2016          Sunroom, Livonia, MI          Praktiflex IV