Watching the wonder of the waning sunset

The sun’s glow became orange as the sun set deeper and the sky grew darker.  Soft rays reached out, stars came out, and the grassy dune in front of me was now a silhouette.  I noticed someone else taking pictures of the sunset, appearing very small in the distance at the peak of the dune.  The scale of the other photographer in relation to the expanse of the scene tells a wonderful story about  man’s place in our small corner of the universe.

Grand Marais, MI
September 30, 2017
Nikon D90


Soft fall sunrise





There were patches of fog in the lower lying areas on this crisp fall morning.  As I drove south on Highway 77 in the Upper Peninsula the sun glowed brightly through the fog where it was thinner.  I stopped to take some photos.  I really liked how the warm brightness graduated to the cool blue sky where the fog was even thinner, and the trees were silhouetted as they fade into the distance. 

On Highway 77 near Green Haven, MI
September 29, 2017
Nikon D90

Windy morning on Lake Superior

It had rained hard during the night and started clearing around sunrise.  The breaking clouds were beautiful blues, grays, and soft orange tones as they swiftly blew in off of Lake Superior.  White caps on the choppy waves could be seen far out onto the lake and as they rushed ashore.  Grand Marias’s north light station is on the horizon.  With this image, I wanted to capture the vastness of the view I had, of the broad expanse of the lake and big sky.

Lake Superior, Grand Marais, MI
September 29, 2018
Nikon D90

The water mill

The water mill

An old water mill aside the pond in Heritage Park.  I like its simple architecture and blue color, and framed it with the contrasting greens of the trees and grass in the foreground.

June 11, 2016          Heritage Park, Taylor, MI          Nikon D90

Red and blue

Red and blue

I got into my blue Jeep on a drizzly Sunday and noticed the Japanese maple leaves that had fallen onto the hood.  The stark colorful contrast of the red leaves, brighter now from being wet, on the glistening blue of the Jeep hood caught, my attention.  I went back into the house to get my camera and took several shots.  This one is of a leaf that came to rest at the edge of the hood, its reflection creating a whole leaf, and I composed the image so the black distance and blue hood made equal halves.

November 8, 2015          Livonia, MI          Nikon D90


Morning mist on the bay (3)

Morning mist on the bay (3)

After packing up to head back home, I stepped out onto the porch to take in the fresh morning.  To the west I could see mist rising off the bay.  It was exciting, something I don’t recall seeing in Hessel before, though I’m sure it happens anytime conditions are right.  I grabbed my camera and took some pictures, hoping to capture the feel of the scene.  The sun had yet to rise and the dawn light was beautiful.

October 10, 2015          Hessel, MI          Nikon D90

Shore of Lake Huron (6)

Shore of Lake Huron (6)
One of my favorite places in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, looking south onto Lake Huron and Albany Bay, just off highway 134.  It’s peaceful, beautiful blue water, interesting rocks, Martin Reef Lighthouse on the horizon.

October 7, 2015          Albany Bay, Michigan          Nikon D90