The sand bar sound

These swans shown bright in the morning sun against the marsh water.  I pushed the contrast in this image to give an almost angelic quality to the swans while holding onto the soft details within the darker passages.

Crosswinds Marsh, New Boston, MI
September 3, 2017
Nikon D90


Four gulls on the breakwall

Four gulls on the breakwall

After stopping at Lake Muskallonge then driving west along Lake Superior I headed for Grand Marais.  I’d never been there before but found it a nice town and very comfortable.  After lunch and some good beer at the Dunes Saloon Lake Superior Brewing Co. I headed for the very edge of town toward the breakwall and Lake Superior to see what photo opps lie ahead.  Great waves on Lake Superior, but these gulls didn’t seem to care.  They relaxed atop the breakwall as waves repeatedly splashed along.  The colorful tones of the water and rigid line of the wall made a fun composition.

October 24, 2016          Grand Marais, MI          Nikon D90

Doves four

Doves four

I put bird seed out every morning and the doves tend to feed after the blue jays, woodpeckers, and squirrels have taken the sunflower seeds and peanuts.  These four just seemed to be relaxing on the deck rail on this chilly Friday morning.   I liked how the two on the left resemble opposite bookends, and the two on the right are also looking in opposite directions, just further apart.

January 29, 2016          Backyard, Livonia, MI           Nikon D90


Sandhill cranes sunrise flight (5)

Sandhill cranes sunrise flight (5)

Sandhill cranes migrate south every fall, making the Michigan Audobon Haehnle Bird Sanctuary one of their stopping points.  Thousands of sandhills begin to chatter, a few in the distance to the left, some more to the right, even before the sun rises on this cold morning.  In small groups, they begin their day’s journey, many of them heading for a breakfast stop in nearby fields before continuing.  These three cranes were at the front of their small pack.  I followed them with my camera from when I first saw them far across the marsh in front of me and as they crossed the sky to my left, catching them just as they flew behind some trees.

November 14, 2015           Michigan Audobon Haehnle Bird Sanctuary, northeast of Jackson, MI          Nikon D90

Poitou donkeys

Poitou donkeys

These two were curious as I approached to take their picture.  First, as I walked up to the fence to get close-up shots, then later as I drove slowly by, stopped as I saw them atop the hill looking down.  The flock of birds (Starlings?) had good timing as they flew through the frame of several shots, this one being my favorite.

October 12, 2015          Ann Arbor, MI          Nikon D90