Reflections and textures (2)

I like textures and colors.  Leaves and flower pedals that have begun to wilt and shrivel display excellence in both.  This large flower pedal had dropped from a bouquet I bought from the grocery store and I set it on my desk for future photo opps.  Over the months, the pedal withered and its tones became more earthen and pronounced, its texture aged from velvety smooth to paper-like wrinkles.  Sitting at my desk working I noticed the reflections coming off my darkened cell phone screen.  I placed the aged pedal on the screen and liked what I saw.  I snapped several images with my camera and macro lens.

June 29, 2017
Sunroom, Livonia, MI
Nikon D90

Red and blue

Red and blue

I got into my blue Jeep on a drizzly Sunday and noticed the Japanese maple leaves that had fallen onto the hood.  The stark colorful contrast of the red leaves, brighter now from being wet, on the glistening blue of the Jeep hood caught, my attention.  I went back into the house to get my camera and took several shots.  This one is of a leaf that came to rest at the edge of the hood, its reflection creating a whole leaf, and I composed the image so the black distance and blue hood made equal halves.

November 8, 2015          Livonia, MI          Nikon D90


Grate lines

Grate lines

As we packed up from our perch near the mountain tops where we photographed the sunrise, I noticed a water drain in the parking lot next to my Jeep.  It was clear, only a few feet deep to the concrete floor of the drain.  Through the parallel bars of the metal grate I saw an abstract image composition from the blurred lines of the grate and a focused field of wonderful patterns, colors and textures beneath.

April 25, 2015.  Foothills Parkway, Smokie Mountains National Park, TN     Nikon D90


Patterns in an icicle (1)


Icicles have beautiful patterns and textures.  Just look closely at the surface and deeply into it.  Sunlight, the blueness of the sky, and shadows come through here.  The photo is a broad field of patterns, lights, and subtle colors converging to a darker region.

March 7, 2015.  Livonia, MI     Nikon D90