Young lily pads toward the Light

I took my Argus 75 film camera to Crosswinds Marsh. It’s a fun camera that I bought for $10 at an antique store and the images have a unique look to them, if/when any of the photos actually turn out into something decent. This image of young lily pads under a blue spring sky with the glow of the sun above, and along the horizon, is one of those images from that camera I like.

Crosswinds Marsh, Sumpter Twp, MI
May 13, 2020
Argus 75

Irish green under gray

Our family trip to Ireland and Scotland was a lot of fun and a wonderful time.  After two days of adventures in Dublin we drove to Kilkenny to enjoy the town and castle for two days.  On our drive back to Dublin, we took back roads and on N81 came upon River Liffey.  The clouds and their reflection on the water were gray, the grass on the hillside was lush, and where sunlight shone through it lit up the green hillside beautifully.

April 4, 2017
River Liffey, just north of Poulaphouca, Ireland
Nikon CoolPix P330

Conservatory with early morning sun (2)

Conservatory with early morning sun (2)

I learned from Joel Geffen at the Belle Isle outing that it’s OK to let images, or parts of them, be over exposed if it expresses an emotion or helps tell a story.  I like how this image came out as it fades up into the light.  It gives me a sense of mystery on a lonely humid day.

September 18, 2016          Belle Isle, Detroit, MI          Nikon D90

Horses in the evening sun

Horses in the evening sun

Driving along a country road I noticed these horses grazing in the field.  I stopped my car and backed up to better see them from the road.  The evening sun was low and adding glare to the scene, lots of bugs flying around the horses that were backlit and didn’t seem to mind them.  On the computer I intentionally soften the contrast to accentuate the soft and peaceful feel of the scene.

August 6, 2016          Salem Township, MI          Nikon D90

Sandhill cranes sunrise flight (5)

Sandhill cranes sunrise flight (5)

Sandhill cranes migrate south every fall, making the Michigan Audobon Haehnle Bird Sanctuary one of their stopping points.  Thousands of sandhills begin to chatter, a few in the distance to the left, some more to the right, even before the sun rises on this cold morning.  In small groups, they begin their day’s journey, many of them heading for a breakfast stop in nearby fields before continuing.  These three cranes were at the front of their small pack.  I followed them with my camera from when I first saw them far across the marsh in front of me and as they crossed the sky to my left, catching them just as they flew behind some trees.

November 14, 2015           Michigan Audobon Haehnle Bird Sanctuary, northeast of Jackson, MI          Nikon D90



Driving through wooded areas and open fields east northeast of Gaylord where elk herds are known to be, this tunnel into the trees caught my eye.  The late morning sun on the autumn green leaves and deep shadows gave beautiful depth to the scene.

October 10, 2015          Pigeon River County State Forest Area, MI          Nikon D90

Are your artistic endeavors an escape? How so?

When I take my camera out to explore my backyard, or to a park for a special nature shot, or inside my home experimenting with still life, all of my workday concerns are forgotten.

Is it the same for you?  Does your artistic expression — painting, photography, dancing or acting, writing music, stories or poetry — help you relieve your stresses, giving yourself hours of self-indulging satisfaction?  Do you find it therapeutic?