Lily pads on the sun soaked marsh

Standing on the boardwalk and enjoying the late summer morning at Crosswinds Marsh, I enjoyed the sun glaring on the water as I looked at the lily pads and underwater plants.  To emphasize the contrast of the bright sunlight reflection and the soft shadows underneath, I chose to present the image as black and white.  There’s a peaceful play happening between the lights and darks. 

Crosswinds Marsh, Sumpter Twp, MI
September 2, 2017
Yashika Electro 35

Sunny afternoon

Nothing like a nice red wine on a sunny weekend afternoon.  My glass was showing reflections of so many things… the sun, the clouds, the sun-kissed green grass and shade,  the deck railing, tiny speckles on the glass, the top of my head, the beautiful tones of the wine, maybe you see more.  And this little one seemed to also enjoy the view.

July 1, 2017
Backyard, Livonia, MI
Nikon D90

Horses in the evening sun

Horses in the evening sun

Driving along a country road I noticed these horses grazing in the field.  I stopped my car and backed up to better see them from the road.  The evening sun was low and adding glare to the scene, lots of bugs flying around the horses that were backlit and didn’t seem to mind them.  On the computer I intentionally soften the contrast to accentuate the soft and peaceful feel of the scene.

August 6, 2016          Salem Township, MI          Nikon D90

A view from Nisqually Vista

A view from Nisqually Vista

Great view of Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier from the Vista just a short walk from the Paradise Area Visitor Center.  I liked how the image seems to have three parts that make up this view:  the mountain top with bright snow and blue sky, a closer and lower ledge of the mountain covered in shaded snow, then the falls and streams leading down to the glacier framed by the pine trees.

July 8, 2016          Mt. Rainier National Park          Nikon D90

Foliage along the falls

Foliage along the falls

A beautiful drive along Stevens Canyon Road in Mt. Rainier National Park with many places to stop and enjoy streams, waterfalls, and views of Mt. Rainier.  Just minutes past the Stevens Canyon entrance is a small bridge from which a small waterfall can be seen splashing down the rocks amid the lush forest.  We stopped for the photo opp, and upon standing on the bridge to take some photos I quickly realized the better view would be from below the bridge.  Carefully stepping down the slick wet rocks I setup as close to the stream as I could and enjoyed the view.

July 8, 2016          Mt. Rainier National Park          Nikon D90

A waterfall on Falls Creek

A waterfall on Falls Creek

So much beautiful forest at the base of Mt. Rainier.  Creeks and rivers abound, and waterfalls cascade over mossy rocks, darkened by the wet and making the lush foliage brighter and greener.  The roads wind and switch-back, but no rus, just pull the car to the side of the road, get out, and take in the beauty.

July 8, 2016          Mt Rainier National Park          Nikon D90

Evening relaxation

Evening relaxation

A quiet summer evening at home in my chair, Macy asleep on my legs.  While relaxing there I tried some indoor pictures with a Praktiflex IV film camera.  I like the serene light and softness the film gives this scene.

June 24, 2016          Sunroom, Livonia, MI          Praktiflex IV