Watching the wonder of the waning sunset

The sun’s glow became orange as the sun set deeper and the sky grew darker.  Soft rays reached out, stars came out, and the grassy dune in front of me was now a silhouette.  I noticed someone else taking pictures of the sunset, appearing very small in the distance at the peak of the dune.  The scale of the other photographer in relation to the expanse of the scene tells a wonderful story about  man’s place in our small corner of the universe.

Grand Marais, MI
September 30, 2017
Nikon D90


On High St. in Edinburgh

High St. is just a half block north of our apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It was basically our main thoroughfare and central to wherever we wanted to walk.  Edinburgh Castle lies about a half mile west from here, Scottish Parliament about a half mile east, and many other points of interest in Old Town and New Town well within walking distance.  The green arm with lights overhanging just ahead is for a movie being shot here, the third Avengers film, “Infinity War”.  St. Giles Cathedral lies just past the green arm.

April 5, 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland
Nikon D90

Toward Saint Mary’s Cathedral

After exploring Kilkenny Castle in the morning, we spent the afternoon walking about the town, mainly along High St.  We turned west onto Jame’s St. and found the bright afternoon sun directly ahead of us, casting Joan and Tori into backlit silhouettes as we strolled toward Saint Mary’s Cathedral.  The picture is nice in color as originally shot, but has a more dramatic feel in black and white.

April 3, 2017
Kilkenny, Ireland
Nikon D90

By the tracks (2)

Another picture I took of Joan walking along the tracks under M14.  She stopped to see where I was.  I had slowed my pace to take pictures of scenes and images as they presented themselves.  Here, I saw Joan standing at the side of the tracks looking back for me along the curve.

January 1, 2017          Plymouth, MI          Nikon D90

Winter storm approaching Detroit

Detroit is a wonderful place.  A city that is going through some re-growth challenges with success and seeing a sincere light ahead.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a winter storm approaching or the opinion of the unaware and inexperienced outsiders, Detroit is strong and maintains its beauty… in the face of everything coming its way and the challenges already undertaken.  This is just a simple photo that, I feel, captures the strength of the city and its solidarity brought together by its people.

November 19, 2016       A view of Detroit from Belle Isle, MI          Nikon D90

Evening relaxation

Evening relaxation

A quiet summer evening at home in my chair, Macy asleep on my legs.  While relaxing there I tried some indoor pictures with a Praktiflex IV film camera.  I like the serene light and softness the film gives this scene.

June 24, 2016          Sunroom, Livonia, MI          Praktiflex IV

Selfie with a turkey


Inside the barn of the petting farm I sat down on some hay bales to watch the pigs in their pen.  A few chickens and a turkey had free reign of the barn and seemed to be checking out the pigs and other animals, too.  This turkey walked over to me, hopped up on the hay bales next to me panting (I assume from the heat).  It did not fear me, in fact it let me stroke its head and neck for several minutes.  I new this had to be a selfie moment.

June 11, 2016          Heritage Park, Taylor, MI          Apple iPhone 6