On High St. in Edinburgh

High St. is just a half block north of our apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It was basically our main thoroughfare and central to wherever we wanted to walk.  Edinburgh Castle lies about a half mile west from here, Scottish Parliament about a half mile east, and many other points of interest in Old Town and New Town well within walking distance.  The green arm with lights overhanging just ahead is for a movie being shot here, the third Avengers film, “Infinity War”.  St. Giles Cathedral lies just past the green arm.

April 5, 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland
Nikon D90

Toward Saint Mary’s Cathedral

After exploring Kilkenny Castle in the morning, we spent the afternoon walking about the town, mainly along High St.  We turned west onto Jame’s St. and found the bright afternoon sun directly ahead of us, casting Joan and Tori into backlit silhouettes as we strolled toward Saint Mary’s Cathedral.  The picture is nice in color as originally shot, but has a more dramatic feel in black and white.

April 3, 2017
Kilkenny, Ireland
Nikon D90

Winter storm approaching Detroit

Detroit is a wonderful place.  A city that is going through some re-growth challenges with success and seeing a sincere light ahead.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a winter storm approaching or the opinion of the unaware and inexperienced outsiders, Detroit is strong and maintains its beauty… in the face of everything coming its way and the challenges already undertaken.  This is just a simple photo that, I feel, captures the strength of the city and its solidarity brought together by its people.

November 19, 2016       A view of Detroit from Belle Isle, MI          Nikon D90

Hessel Marina at dusk (1)

Hessel Marina at dusk (1)

I went to the Marina to take some evening time exposure shots of the town traffic.  This time of year with no tourists and on a Tuesday, though, Hessel is very quiet.  Traffic is but a car or two every few minutes so I instead wanted to capture the essence of just how quiet it can be here.  The dark figures near the water’s edge is a statue of a man and child.  The small reddish glow on the road is from the Islander Bar, the only establishment open this evening, and the reddish dot just above it is the only traffic light, marking the intersection with M134.

October 25, 2016          Hessel, MI          Nikon D90

At St. Louis Cemetery No.1 (1)


The above ground tombs in New Orleans are fascinating and rich in history and stories.  Newer tombs contrast with the older ones, like this one with chipped concrete, exposed bricks, lots of textures and small foliage growing from the cracks.  Though it was the middle of the afternoon on a warm sunny day, I took this picture while a cloud was in front of the sun and later added a little more dramatic mood on my computer.

March 26, 2016          New Orleans, LA          Nikon Coolpix 330

Pirate’s Alley

Pirate's Alley

A very pleasant afternoon on the busy streets of New Orleans, here along Pirate’s Alley in the French Quarter.  I stood aligned with the edge of the building across at Pirate’s Alley Cafe so that the frame of my photo is split halfway, between the open air dining and the brick building with its open door that invites us to look deep inside.  The man walking by almost seems to be holding the patio umbrella as he looks back at the people conversing in the open doorway.

March 26, 2016          New Orleans, LA          Apple iPhone 6

Corner of Farmington and Grand River

Corner of Farmington and Grand River

A very comfortable evening in September, I went to downtown Farmington to take some time exposure pictures of the traffic and night life.  The open air dining in front of one of the local restaurants made a nice focal point of activity as a few cars passed by.

September 25, 2015          Farmington, MI          Nikon D90