About me

I am an amateur photographer, having fun as I explore nature, landscape, still life, macro, people, and abstract compositions.  Textures, colors, and contrasts of light and dark grab my attention the most.  I try to express what I see through my mind’s eye in the world around me.  I also try to take my images somewhere away from the mainstream, though as I’m still learning they aren’t as far from mainstream as I want yet.

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1979 with a BFA degree, majoring in graphic design with a minor in art history.  I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, even as a young boy with my Dad’s Instamatic or Polaroid cameras.  I bought my first “real” camera on my honeymoon in 1982, a Minolta X700 which I still use on occasion.  But I never really took up photography as a hobby until 2011 when I bought a Nikon D90, which is still my primary camera.  For traveling light, I have a Nikon CoolPix P330 which is a nice little camera.  And I bought a Holga 120PWC pinhole camera just to experiment, so far with no success.  Older film cameras I like playing with are a Praktiflex FX and an Argus 75.

Light, shadows, reflections, colors that catch my eye, playful juxtapositions and contrasts are things I like to look for that can turn the ordinary into something fun to capture.  Always looking for compositions that may not be readily seen in everyday surroundings unless one looks for them, and finding textures and colors and shapes in the minutiae of things we may see in nature, even on our desks, any day.

I look hope you enjoy the images I present.



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